Water: from Sea to Summit

Photography takes you many places. Water is always a good subject. Wherever you go it shapes your landscape.

The shore, close up is different view than others

Seafoam and Seaweed

Sea-foam and seaweed in the waves on the sand. The calm water makes tracks in the sand.


Panorama of the sunset. Multiple exposure HDR and panoramic stitching

Rivers are a different view

Delaware river

View along the Delaware river

At last is mountains

Frozen day

High Peaks Region at Marcy Dam. Snow and clouds as a storm comes over the mountains.

All of the scenes are of water but have different emotions attached to them.


China Sights

First thing in China that is a must see is Pandas!

Baby Panda Fight


Baby Panda Video from the Chengdu Giant Panda Research Base

Next up is some culture from Wuhan Providence museum

See the link to a concert featuring the Iron Bells on YouTube

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Light Trails – Exposing Motion

Long Night Exposures. A variation on light painting by photographing moving subjects and experiment with zoom while exposing. The method is to hold camera on tripod. first image of a moving vehicle shows lateral motion. Zooming out smoothly while exposing leaves trails and starbursts. F22 aperture was used for maximal focus and starburst of point light source. More Variations can include panning while exposing.


#Lighttrail #nightscape #nightsky #galveston

Canna Flowers

Macro floral photography practice of a Canna Flower. Used Olympus OMD-EM1 MII and Olympus 50mm F2 lens

Canna Flower

Lipstick like buds

Canna flower Black Background

Canna flower Black Background

Canna flower White Background

Canna flower White Background

Canna flower natural Background

Canna flower natural Background